Dental Cleaning

Your dental cleaning will be performed by our Registered Dental Hygienists at Newkirk Dentistry. During the cleaning portion of your checkup we will remove tartar, the hardened plaque that builds up on everyone's teeth. We will also remove the sticky plaque that creates a film on your teeth. Doing this helps prevent periodontal disease. Once we remove the plaque and tartar your Hygienist will clean and polish your teeth to remove stains and any plaque that wasn't removed earlier.

Dental X-Rays and Exam

We will also take x-rays of your teeth to help detect any decay, tumors, cysts or bone loss that may not be visible to the naked eye. Dr. Newkirk will carefully review your x-rays to look for any of those issues.

We will provide an oral cancer screening of your lips, tongue, throat, face and neck as well as checking your tissues and gums for any signs of oral cancer.

Your Hygienist and Dr. Newkirk will check your fillings, crowns and any other previous dental work and also check your teeth for any signs of decay.