Here at Newkirk Dentistry formerly Mountain Sky Dental the safety and protection of our staff and patients is our priority. As such and in accordance with ADA, NC Dental Board and following the Governors recommendations, our office will reopen on May 26th. We are taking extra precautions and will be asking you, our patients to take extra precautions as well.

Here are a list of recommendations and things to expect for your future appointments until further notice:

● We will be going through screening questions when confirming your appointment to make sure you are healthy and asymptomatic before we see you for your dental treatment

● We will be taking your temperature prior to your appointment

● When you arrive please wear a mask or facial covering and come to the front desk for check in. You will then be asked to return to your car until your operatory is prepared.

● We will be updating your email address to make sure you get announcements and any updates as quickly as possible.

● Only the person receiving treatment will be allowed in the office, no one can accompany the patient into the office. If you need someone to help you get into and out of the dental chair, exceptions can be made for these mobility purposes, but they cannot wait in the office during the time of your treatment.

● If you are immunocompromised, please let us know prior to your appointment

● We have installed the Air Knight System into our HVAC system for increased filtration of the air in the office.

● If we are exposed to COVID-19 we will be closing the office to allow for our staff to quarantine for 2 weeks to make sure we do not spread the virus further.

Please be patient with us through this time as we are trying to do everything possible to keep you and our staff healthy and safe.

Dr. Newkirk and staff