Simple, Comprehensive, Affordable Dental Benefit Plans for Employers

We offer the dental benefit directly to employers, eliminating the costs and hassles of a middleman. This enables us to provide high-quality care while saving you and your employees money.

With our Employer Dental Benefit Plan, you can:

  • Improve employee health
  • Attract and retain employees
  • Improve employee productivity

ic contribute   Contribute what you want and only pay for what employees use.

ic device   Employees can easily sign up on their own from any device.

ic procedures   Provides exclusive and unlimited discounts on procedures like fillings.

ic cost   No hidden costs like deductibles, annual maximums or activation fees.

ic calendar   Benefits start immediately when an employee joins and run for 12 months.

ic waiting period   No hassles like waiting periods, pre-authorizations or claim forms.

Customize your Employer Contribution

You can customize your contribution amount, and your employees can choose the care plan that best fits their needs.

Customize employer amount

Employer Plans

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